My Gallery 4.


The first six photographs are of a hillside that was becoming quite unstable, due to a few trees that had rotted over the years, plus old animal dens, and natural wear and tear.

 We set about the task of stabilising the hill and making it useable. I drew up a plan and off we went.

This was quite a costly project, but with dramatic results.

This project took seven months from start to finish, with hundreds of tons of materials being moved, mainly by hand, up the hill, all tied together with steelworks, concrete blocks, and  well over fifty tons of stone.


The next two photographs are of some access steps that originaly existed, but were far too dangerous to navigate, we then set about making them as easy on the eye as on the foot.


The last two photographs are of an old barn that was used to house pigs.

 This barn was over two hundred and fifty years old, and was in quite a state. Many bricks were serverly damaged or missing, so were replaced or repaired.

 We repair brickwork with a combination of aggregates and colourings and shaping, to a standard that is really quite difficult to pick out one from the other.

Its a real shame that I did not get any photographs of the barn before I started.